We can benefit from competition

We welcome Bathstore fitting, Ikea and Next to the scene

Author: Carl Weller

Independent retailers can benefit from competition with the likes of Ikea, Bathstore B&Q, Wickes and Homebase

The public who want a professionally designed and individual kitchen or bathroom will always require the services of smaller independent professionals, who offer unrivalled experience, service and installation professionals.

If independent retailers are “not good enough” to fill the middle ground in the retail market, then they will surely close. But if they choose to, they will benefit from competition from Ikea, Bathstore and discounting sheds (Homebase etc), as these places generally offer the client poorly paid staff who are not experienced at all and are stuck with unbranded products that they cannot deviate from while creating and designing new bathrooms.

We, the independents, have the luxury of selecting what products we want to use and the experience of placing these products together to produce unique, stylish and more luxurious spaces.

Small business still makes up over 52% of the UK economy and while there are still people who look for exceptional personal service, lifestyle and luxury, it is my belief that the SME will continue to prosper.

We welcome Tesco, Ikea and B&Q etc to the scene because they will never in a million years be able to deliver the service, support and relationship we deliver to our clients on a daily basis. People that run their own business have such a keen interest in it and the passion to serve their clientele, this cannot be rivalled by huge retail factories.

For those that want an Ikea showroom at home, we wish them luck. While not everyone chooses to drive the same standard cheap car or live with the same builder’s bathroom as their neighbour, there’s most definitely a place for our showrooms.

We believe that thankfully the UK is recognising that kitchens and bathrooms are not a utility anymore, they are the wellness heart of a home.

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