Give showrooms a chance!

The benefits of buying from a local independent Company…

Author: Carl Weller

The benefits of buying from a local independent Company…

I want to explain the thought process that I would love, in an ideal world, for all potential Kitchen purchasers to go through when buying such an important range of products…

I run a small, successful Design studio with no internet sales and pride ourselves on customer service and reputation.

We believe strongly in what we do and what we offer and I truly feel that customers value this.

But don’t get me wrong. I am no different from any other consumer and regularly buy off the internet. Recently, I needed to buy a new TV. Like anyone, I did my research on the internet, comparing prices, specs and the like, and came to a decision on the make and model I wanted.

Here in Wadebridge, we have an excellent independent high-street electrical store and I went in, armed with my spec and best price that I found on the net. They happened to have the model I wanted, so I was able to speak to the salesman, who even demonstrated the product.

I did not expect him to match the price, but if he could get close, this was going to be good enough for me. He did and the deal was done!

What I had done was deal with a local company, pumping my hard-earned money into the local economy and I was safe in the knowledge that if I had any issues at all with the product, here was a company and a human being I could go back to to sort it out for me quickly. I really don’t see a downside except for the fact that it cost me 30 quid more than on the internet (less than a cheap night out with the missus).

The consumer is the one that has to decide how much that peace of mind is worth. If nothing, then they will buy from the net. But to some, it means everything. I just wish there were more of them. I believe this is the essence of a showroom that no internet company in the world can match. All I would ever ask a potential customer to do is give us a chance.