Whirlpool launches new dishwashers with Powerdry option

Whirlpool has launched new top of the range dishwashers for 2014

Author: Carl Weller

Whirlpool has launched new top of the range dishwashers for 2014 for both its built-in and freestanding collections.

The new Whirlpool 6TH SENSE PowerClean™ dishwashers have a new PowerDry option, which makes them the No.1 in cleaning and drying in just one hour¹.

The PowerDry option from Whirlpool makes clouds of steam a thing of the past when you open the door after dishwashing, and everything, including plastic items, is perfectly dry and ready to put away.

The improved performance is achieved by way of a new and innovative technology, which delivers outstanding drying results thanks to a new dual airflow feature and humidity-condensing fan that activates during drying. This latest innovation makes it possible to offer a complete wash and dry programme in just one hour¹.

The new dishwashers, with 6TH SENSE PowerClean™ and PowerDry option, detect and sense the grime, and automatically adjust the water usage and manage the temperature and length of the programme. This all saves up to 50 per cent of water, energy and time².

The ‘A+++’ energy rated freestanding and integrated models are equipped with twenty-eight PowerClean jets situated at the rear of the dishwasher, dedicated to the removal of burnt on food to ensure that pre-washing is a thing of the past. Stacking dishes vertically creates and additional bonus of up to 40 per cent more space in the lower basket.

The new dishwashers offer some of the most flexible loading options available due to sturdier baskets that pull out more asily and steadily. The flexi-load system has six foldable areas in the lower basket and another four in the upper basket, which is also height adjustable and removable.

As well as new and genuinely innovative technology, the freestanding dishwasher offers a fresh aesthetic. It oozes minimalism, with an integrated handle inset into the flat stainless steel door, which is off-set by a subtle curvature of the door for an elegant and contemporary style. The new design fits perfectly with the Whirlpool Absolute collection refrigerators.

Neil Austin Trade Marketing Manager says: “Whirlpool has taken an important leap forward with the PowerDry concept. We are constantly looking for new ways to make our appliances simpler to use and life easier for our consumers through genuine technological advancements. The improved drying efficiency on our PowerDry models answers a major consumer requirement and proves that plastic items can be dried in a dishwasher and you can steam ahead without the steam.”